Clarissa Spirig


Once upon a time I was a little girl with big dreams that I promised I'd make real one day... And like every little girl, I was completely addicted to horses.

I started riding at the age of 6 and spent every school-free moment in the stable until high school. Then I completely stopped riding as I had to prioritize on my study and my career. Until just 4 years ago, when our daughter was born, whom I since the first second love from the bottom of my heart. Feeling this deep love made me realize that a piece of my heart was missing. I remembered the dream I had when I was a little girl - the dream about horses, my own horses! And I realized how much I wanted to work and spend time with them. So I decided to make my dream come true, started my own business and bought young and talented dressage horses.  

Clarissa Spirig Equestrian was born!

Now every time I look at my amazing horses all I feel is pure blessing. 

Strive to live your dream! Always hold on to your vision. Follow your passion, have the courage to do what makes your heart happy. Never lose focus and always prioritize things in your life to realize your dream... and work hard!
The best view comes after the hardest climb!
At the end, I'm just a girl who decided to go for it.

Love, Clarissa ❤